Anxious to get your child sleeping through the night?

Unsure how to get a good nap schedule in place?

Nervous about transitioning your toddler to a big kid bed?

Wondering where your perfect sleep went?

There is so much discussion and SO many questions when it comes to your child's sleep.  Parents and caregivers are often looking for solutions to get their babies sleeping soundly through the night.  Surprisingly, most Prenatal or Prepared Parenting classes don't discuss infant sleep beyond crib safety so all the sudden you find yourself sifting through hundreds of books at the library or spending hours on the internet just to figure out questions such as how many naps your child(ren) should take or how long your child(ren) should be awake! 

Furthermore, we've all said that so much changes in the first year and amidst all that development and growth, sleep changes too.  For example, from birth to one year, naps can go from six to one, awake time can go from 45 minutes to three hours, overnight feedings can go from four to zero.  That's a lot of change within a short amount of time!  That doesn't include swaddling, binky issues, standing, crawling, etc...  So just when you think you've got it down and your Journey to Dreamland has been successful, things change and you're at the library or on the internet again!  It can be exhausting and infuriating.  In my time working as a certified infant/child sleep consultant, I have found that no two families can work off of the same sleep plan!  Each family has it's own unique set of circumstances regarding their children's sleep struggles, sleep arrangements, family dynamics, work schedules, and medical considerations.  

As a Certified Infant/Child Sleep Consultant, I can answer those questions, show you how to implement an age-appropriate sleep plan catered to your unique circumstance, and be your personal cheerleader as you work toward a better night sleep.  A recent study suggested that 25% of children experience type of sleep issue during childhood, the most common being bedtime difficulties and night wakings.

  No matter what the sleep issue, my personalized sleep plans and email consultations will provide you with the solutions to get your family the sleep you deserve!

 Start your JOURNEY TO DREAMLAND tonight!

Check my 'How I Got Started' page to learn more about me or go directly to my Email Consultations or Personalized Sleep Plans pages to see what I offer. I conduct in-person consultations in the Midland, Michigan area.  I can conduct sleep consultations for out-of-area clients over the phone or by email. I also conduct group presentations at schools, businesses and Mom’s clubs.