I realize that sometimes you just need someone to answer your questions and give feedback regarding your child's sleep; that you don't necessarily need a full sleep plan. Choosing an email consultation will allow you to email twice a day to ask questions during the duration of your consultation. Perhaps your child is a decent sleeper but has recently started regressing.  Maybe you are about to take away that second nap and are not quite sure how to implement. Or maybe you just want some direction on what an appropriate sleep schedule should look like.  Not all situations require a lengthy consultation. 

To determine the length of consultation you will need, keep in mind that babies older than eight months typically take a little longer (around a week) to break bad habits or start implementing new habits and you may need to refer to the Personalized Sleep Plan section. 

The following services will be available for the 1 or 3 Day Consultations:

Evaluation:  Upon purchasing your consultation package, you will receive a Dreamland Purchase Confirmation.  This confirmation will include a Parent Questionnaire that you will fill out and submit at your own convenience.  Once the form is received, I will evaluate your child's sleep situation before contacting you via email with additional questions (and because every family is different, I always seem to have SOME questions).  I will let you know once I gather all the information I need.  At that point you are welcoe to choose whatever day you'd like to begin your consultation/**

Twice Daily Emails:  Keeping in mind your child's age, developmental milestones, and sleeping arrangements, I will give feedback and guidance, twice daily (morning and night), to any of your questions.  Ask whenever and whatever!   We will be tackling the concerns you have during your consultation period and I'll provide as much support as possible.  Any advice I give, however, is up to you to implement and carry through in order to see results.

**If you choose the 3 day package, you do not have to use them consecutively.  You may get some questions answered and save your other emails for later dates when questions arise.

One Month Follow Up Email:  Once your consultation period ends, I will contact you one month later to see how sleep is going and what progress has been made.  You may ask any additional questions or bring up concerns at that time.

45 Minute Phone Call:  Books, articles, emails are all great but sometimes talking to a live person can give you just the kick you need to begin improving your child's sleep.  If you aren't interested in emailing, prefer to talk through the issues/concerns your family is experiencing, and want to get advice right away, then this option is for you.  Get ready to take some notes and we can set up a phone call ASAP!

 If you think an email or phone consultation is right for you, ask yourself this question...
how far away is Dreamland?

How Far Away is Dreamland?