Common Sleep Struggles

These are comments and questions I've heard over the years.  You may have even said some of these things yourself!  Sleep struggles are common and your child is NOT the only one plotting to keep you up at night. :) With some support, daily feedback, encouragement, and (if needed) a personalized sleep plan, none of the following issues will be a problem any longer.

"My child won't fall asleep without my nursing him."

"My baby cries and cries at bedtime even though she's exhausted."

"No matter what we do, our toddler won't stay in his bed."

"Will potty training affect my child's sleep?"

"The pacifier is the only thing to put our baby to sleep but she screams when it falls out."

"Our child wakes up at 4am every morning and wants to play."

"Since our daughter started crawling she has the hardest time falling asleep."

"My baby is a GREAT napper but sleeps for only 8 hours at night.  We wish it were longer."

"I'm so tired of waking up for that overnight feeding.  Help!"

"My child wakes up every two hours ALL NIGHT LONG."

"Rocking my baby to sleep used to be a joy but now he won't fall asleep without it."

"Our toddler is afraid of monsters and will only fall asleep in our bed."

"I'm exhausted but my baby is only 5 months old.  Is it too early to start sleep training?" 

"I dread bedtime because every step is a battle."

"Our child has slept in our bed for 4 years and refuses to sleep in her own bedroom."

"We leave the TV on all night for our toddler because he screams when we turn it off."

"My baby has slept on my chest for 9 months while I haven't slept at all.  What do I do?"

"I wish our son would sleep in instead of waking up at 6am every morning"

"Our daughter refuses to take her second nap and I'm out of ideas."

and the list goes on and on.....

EVERY family has their own specific unique sleeping arrangements and habits which can result in a wide array of issues and concerns.  However, no matter what your circumstance or issue, bad habits are reversible and you can be back on your Journey to Dreamland sooner than you think.  It's never too early or too late to start teaching your child the skill of falling asleep and staying asleep.  Although, by starting early with teaching your child healthy sleep habits, he/she will be less likely to lose sleep when bumps, changes, and setbacks occur.