Personalized Sleep Plan

With children who are less than eight months old or children who have developed and nurtured fairly poor sleep habits, a Personalized Sleep Plan may be for you. With this plan, I will be offering support and guidance over a one OR two week period.

When children are still young (around 3-4 months old), it is POSSIBLE to sleep train and work towards sleeping 12 hours a night. The earlier you start establishing healthy sleep habits, the better! A full detailed plan with how to start sleep training will be essential in establishing this new routine. Now I also understand you might have let an unhealthy sleep habit go on for far longer than it should with your older baby or toddler and it now seems impossible to break. Sometimes those situations do take a little longer to work within and as a parent, YOU might need that extra time to implement and receive support.

The following services will be provided with a personalized sleep plan:

Evaluation:  Upon purchasing your Personalized Sleep Plan, you will receive a Dreamland Purchase Confirmation.  This confirmation will include a Parent Questionnaire that you will fill out and submit at your own convenience.  Once the form is received, I will evaluate your child's sleep situation before contacting you via email with additional questions (and because every family is different, I always seem to have SOME questions).

In-home (if in Midland area) or Phone Consultation: Because there are so many details involved in putting together a personalized sleep plan, I like to spend some time getting to know more details about your child's sleep situation.  I want to talk about naps, daily behaviors, bedtime concerns, bedtime routine, feeding schedule, etc...  I want to know it all and doing this part in person or over the phone is preferred.  If you cannot do either of those options and are anxious to get started right away, email is always an option.

Creation:  After reviewing your form and gathering all my information from our consultation, I will work to create a personalized sleep plan for your child.  I will take into consideration your child's age, developmental milestones, sleeping arrangements, and current habits.  The plan will include sections on crying, sleep environment, goals for improvement, daily schedule, bedtime expectations, and instructions on how to implement your plan.  I will email this plan to you and your plan period will begin at that point.

Implementation:  After implementation of the sleep training plan begins, we will be in contact via email for the duration of your two week plan period.  We will work closely together on a daily basis, emailing as much as necessary, as we plan for each coming night.  Each night is different and brings it own set of surprises and challenges so our daily contact will be necessary for the implementation process. 

One Month Follow Up Email:  Once your two week sleeping training period ends, I will contact you one month later to see how sleep is going and what progress has been made.  You may ask any additional questions or bring up concerns at that time.

  If you think this option could be for you, then let me get you on your Journey to Dreamland!

Personalized Sleep Plan